photos: Peter Thompson has moved to a new vending location in Kitsilano. Photo: Jackie Wong

Peter Thompson leaves Robson & Howe for Kits

 After years of selling Megaphone in downtown Vancouver at Robson and Howe, Peter Thompson has recently moved his spot to 4th and Vine in Kitsilano in front of Whole Foods Market.

Get on your megaphone

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I was introduced to Megaphone through Hope in Shadows in 2008—it sure seems like a long time ago. I sold on Commercial Drive by the SkyTrain Station but soon moved to sell at Robson and Howe, which was a great move. It wasa very busy street: the Sears department store was open, as well as Chapters bookstore, TD Bank, the courthouse, the nearby lawyers’ offices, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. I sold Megaphone almost every day on that spot for seven years.

It took me a while to get to know all the people downtown, but with a lot of patience and greetings and smiles, it paid off. Over the years, I have madea great group of friends who are like family to me. That bond grew stronger over time. Even some I have had lunches with, many times full of laughter.

Downtown Vancouver is changing, though. Sears has closed. And Chapters will soon close. And this summer, Robson Street will be closed from Hornby to Howe. With all those closures, I knew my business would be very slow.

So I put in an application to sell on 4th and Vine after the spot was vacated by longtime Megaphone vendor Danny Maloney, who passed away earlier this spring. Many other vendors also applied to sell there, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this spot or not. Because of the unknowns surrounding the decision, I have never had the chance to tell you, my customers downtown, that I would be moving.

I gave some customers my number to keep in touch, but I will miss you all, seeing you and chatting with you every day. And I am sure happy I’ve got to meet you and have that bond of friendship. We will keep in touch.

Now, I would like to thank Shelly and Sloban, the managers at Whole Foods Kitsilano, for welcoming me to the neighbourhood. Thanks also to all the people I have met every day for your warmest welcome to Kits. It was also great to meet Harold and Candice, the Whole Foods owners.

I know when I first came here it would be a while to get to know people. Sometimes I forget names. So it would help if you can remind me sometimes.

Just the other day, a guy, his little girl, and a dog were walking by. Me and this lady started petting the dog, saying, “You’re gorgeous!” The cute little girl was saying, “Whatta ‘bout me? Ain’t I gorgeous?” It was adorable. Wow. Shewas only three or four years old. And she was gorgeous.

The people I have met are so nice to me. I will show my respect and gratitude for the people that I meet.I am glad that you are giving me the chance to get to know you all. I will do my best out here and show my respect as a vendor and to get to know everyone.

I’ve already met a lot of great people who will stop and talk or just say hello. Thank you again for the warmest welcome to Kitsilano.


Get on your megaphone

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