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Meet Peter Thompson

"I was raised in Boston Bar. I went to college in Kamloops, which was just a small community too, so there wasn’t much opportunity for work. I took a carpentry course up there and then I moved to Vancouver.

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“I was working here as a carpenter for about 25 years when I broke my leg in five places. I couldn’t do any heavy lifting after that. I couldn’t work in the construction trade anymore.

“I also lost some of my family around that time and went into a stage of alcoholism that was very hard on myself and the people I loved. I started drinking because the loss of my family members was very painful. My drinking was so heavy that I got to a point where I was homeless.

“After that I had to recover from my drinking because I had to let my family go on too, and learn to think of the memories I had with them. As time passed, I quit drinking and I turned to Megaphone.

"Selling Megaphone got me on a different path, where I could look forward instead of back. It got my mind going so I could get myself back on the right track. Now I have a small place I’m renting with my brother and I like to spend time with my nephews and my sister on the weekends. We walk around Stanley Park and that keeps me happy and going.

“I like selling the paper because it gives me a chance to meet people that have positive views and give me that extra potential and help build me up. I also get to meet people from different parts of the country and the world.

“I’d like to thank all the readers that buy Megaphone for helping support the paper and me because it helps me out financially and makes me feel good that that they care."

Peter sells Megaphone at West 4th and Vine in Vancouver. He has previously worked at Robson and Howe and at Commercial and Broadway.

Selling Megaphone gives vendors the opportunity to change their lives. Your donation helps us provide our vendors with training and supplies.

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