Princess of Pot: Jodie Emery takes over the fight to legalize marijuana

With Vancouver's 'Prince of Pot' Marc Emery sitting in a U.S. prison for selling cannabis seeds across the border, his partner Jodie Emery has had to pick up where he left off. Along with fighting for Marc to be transferred back to Canada, Jodie has provided an articulate and passionate voice to the country's marijuana movement and has quickly proven to be a natural leader. 


With Prime Minister Stephen Harper promising tougher laws and sentences for marijuana users and growers, Megaphone sat down with the 'Princess of Pot' to talk about her husband's legal fight, changes to federal laws, and how she feels she's handling the charge to legalize cannabis in Canada. 


Also in this issue, Megaphone previews the upcoming show of singer-songwriter Jill Barber, David Suzuki reminds us not to take clean water for granted, we look back at some of the highlights from our Voices of the Street launch event, and feature some stirring poems from our community writing workshops.


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