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Raven Feraru

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“Selling Megaphone this time of year gives me a sense of belonging, sense of dignity—not having to hold out a bowl or a cup asking people for spare change. It gives me a better customer service strategy, builds up customer relationships.

“It allows me to reach out more.

“The most memorable thing this year was being able to be with my family in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. Being able to drag them out of the house and having family time together when I got off the ferry. I was there for five weeks.

“My biggest achievement this year? I’ve helped a few people get off the street. I helped people work on their wheelchairs because of the background under my belt. But a close friend of mine passed away two years ago. He helped a lot of people. He helped me. He’s the reason why I’m living in my building to this very day.

“This past year’s challenges, I was sick of the way I was getting treated at one space before, so I was surprised to join Megaphone. I wanted to get away from panhandling.

“Being disabled, it’s hard for me to get work. And with my military background I have under my belt, I’m overqualified for lots of jobs. I’m 30 and I’m overqualified. I fan out a few resumes, still overqualified. I want to get some type of employment going on but this is the alternative for now.

“It’s been an interesting year. I wear my permit (Megaphone badge) proudly. I wear it like a uniform.

“In 2018, I’m looking forward to getting out of debt because I’m paying for my wheelchair. I’m not covered. And then I’d like to save up for a plane ticket to go to Calgary or Ottawa for Remembrance Day next year. I’m also saving up for car insurance.

“I wish all my customers great health and a prosperous new year.”

Raven sells at a few locations in Vancouver, at Broadway and Cambie, the Robson 1100 block, and sometimes at the 900 block of Granville. Photo by Geoff Webb.


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Get on your megaphone

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