photos: Rodney McNeely has been a vendor for about six years. He enjoys writing about nature and his hobbies.

A significant change

Vendor Rodney McNeely stays positive while facing new challenges. Megaphone file photo.

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By Rodney McNeely


It's been nine years living where I currently do, and I have to admit I've had a blast. Hopefully, the good times continue to roll. I cross my fingers that they do.

But now a change I've gotten wind of is that they have changed ownership in the building I live in. It makes me feel uneasy.

It brought me out of my comfort zone completely, not only putting up with COVID-19 at this time, a compounded difficulty in life, and now this. Yes, the timing is poor. It's the unknown. Who knows what's next... renovations? One gets used to one's surroundings. 

I imagine the changes will be gradual, though. Any human being in their right mind couldn't spring all these changes all at once.

Looking at the situation with a little optimism, it could be exciting. It could work out for the better. Once again, I can only hope, as I mentioned in a poem I've written before. I look out my window and my beloved tree comforts me and my fairy collection I worked hard for.

The seagulls and crows are a joy to hear every day, along with the other birds, and my weightlifting keeps me going.

The sunshine, the moon, the stars, and the planets... I owe them my thanks. In my eyes, the sun is always in the sky, whether it's cloudy or not.  


Rodney McNeely has been a Megaphone vendor for about six years. He's been published many times in Megaphone magazine, as well as Voices of the Street, the organization's annual literary anthology.

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