photos: Photo by Josh Tanasichuk.

Sang Hussain

Holiday Vendor Profile: Season’s greetings from our vendors

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“I like selling this time of year because I make more money and people are in good moods, and I get to talk to people. I get out of my house.

“This past year has been memorable because I have had more communication with my family online. My family lives in Afghanistan and it’s very difficult to talk to them that far away.

“I’m proud of how I manage myself. I do my cooking, I do my cleaning, and I take care of myself.

“I am trying to get a prosthetic leg. I’m looking forward to getting that.

“The doctor told me he’s going to give me an artificial leg so I’m able to walk again, instead of using the wheelchair. I’m in the wheelchair. About two years ago, I had an operation to remove my leg. I got an infection in the bone.

“The challenge I face, sometimes I have a transportation problem. I found a lady to drive me but sometimes she doesn’t have time to drive me, to get to a doctor’s appointment.

“Mobility is a big issue.

“I am looking forward to getting a leg and being able to walk, being able to have more freedom and a more independent life. That’s what I’m looking forward to in the new year.

“My customers, they’ve known me for a long time, the past two years. Everybody knows me there (where I sell).

“I wish my customers good health.”

Sang sells in Victoria at Humboldt and Vancouver streets. Photo by Josh Tanasichuk.


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