The vision


“Selling Megaphone and Hope in Shadows gives me the freedom to earn an income, stay connected with my community and make great friendships with my customers.” Vendor Eric D.

Bringing everyone together to change the story on poverty in B.C.

At Megaphone, we believe in a world where everybody is able earn an income, has equal access to opportunities and resources, and a voice that is heard. We will keep fighting until that happens.

Megaphone regularly organizes and hosts events to bring our community together and work towards solutions to poverty and issues surrounding marginalization. When you sponsor an event, you are making a real difference in your community. 

Join us, take action, and be a changemaker today.



How to get involved:


Let's talk.

Holly Sakaki

Development and Public Outreach Coordinator 

[email protected] 
604-255-9701 ext 153

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