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Help Megaphone Raise $25,000 by June 15!

Do you know the power of the pen? Megaphone storytellers like The Bear Whisperer do and they are eager to continue picking up their pens as they attend Megaphone's creative writing workshops, submit poetry and prose for our annual Voices of the Street literary anthology and participate in The Shift, Megaphone's new peer newsroom. 

We need your help this spring to raise $25,000 so we can continue offering storytelling opportunities to Megaphone vendors, writers and peers facing poverty, inadequate housing, substance use and other marginalizing barriers.

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Together, we'll keep amplifying voices too often left unheard. 

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Megaphone vendor, storyteller and frequently published writer, The Bear Whisperer, is someone who is well versed in the power of the pen. 

On any given day at the Megaphone Vendor Hub, you can expect The Bear Whisperer to saunter in ready to read you his latest piece of poetry. There’ll be a shuffling of papers, clearing of his throat and pause before his voice proudly breaks the silence. . . ““...Writing is the best thing that ever happened to me…Writing may have changed my life for good…”

Storytelling is one of Megaphone’s core values because we’ve seen firsthand how it can change thestory on poverty for people like The Bear Whisperer. 

This spring, Megaphone needs your help to raise $25,000 so that more people experiencing poverty, inadequate housing, substance use and other marginalizing barriers can encounter the power of the pen. 

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Years ago, The Bear Whisperer walked from his home in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). He was looking for a way to earn a meaningful income and decided to become a Megaphone vendor. Noticing that some of his fellow vendors had pieces of poetry and prose published in Megaphone magazine and Voices of the Street, he wondered if he could give writing a shot too. In one of Megaphone’s creative writing workshops, he learned that he is also a “Word Whisperer.” Now he’s one of our most prolific writers and takes pride in perfecting his craft. 

We are fundraising $25,000 to support our annual creative writing workshops and Megaphone’s new peer-led newsroom, which will steer the direction of and contribute content to Megaphone magazine. 


  • $35 covers the cost of writing supplies for Megaphone participants
  • $50 pays the cost of one Megaphone participant to attend a creative writing workshop at Megaphone
  • $100 supports one Megaphone storyteller to copy edit Megaphone magazine before it goes to press 
  • $250 pays three Megaphone writers for their contributions of poetry and prose to Megaphone publications
  • $350 covers half the cost of running a monthly peer-editorial board meeting with 10-15 Megaphone storytellers  

Your support will ensure Megaphone participants like The Bear Whisperer can continue to experience the power of the pen and meaningful work in the DTES. 

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