Our Staff

Lisa Curry

Executive Director

Lisa Curry is an administrator, an organizer and a generalist, skilled in several areas but expert in none. She has served as executive director of the Vancouver Art Book Fair, overseeing its pivot to digital in 2020, as fundraising coordinator and program manager at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, and as coordinator at Kickstand Community Bikes. She founded a coworking space called Work Place and co-founded a comedy and zine festival called Unibrow Arts Festival. In her spare time, she is puttering around thinking about yummy food, or hunting for a new book and the strongest coffee. 

Paula Carlson

Editorial and Program Director

For nearly three decades, Paula Carlson has worked as an editor and reporter at various newspapers throughout the Lower Mainland, contributing stories and stick-handling special projects that have won more than 50 industry awards for news, feature and opinion writing, page layout and design. Her work has appeared across B.C. and Canada. She's fairly certain a good cup of coffee improves almost anything.


Devon Tremain

Vendor and Volunteer Coordinator


Devon (He/ Him) has lived his whole life in Coast Salish Territory and moved from Seattle to Vancouver in 2017. He grew up reading street papers and was a regular customer of Megaphone magazine for years before formally joining the team. Blown away by the quality of our monthly magazine and the warmth he felt from our vendors he encountered on the streets, Devon soon became a Mega-fan of Megaphone. After a short stint as a front desk volunteer, he was welcomed on as Megaphone's new People Coordinator where he continues to support our incredible vendors and volunteers. Devon full-heartedly believes in the healing nature of listening to and uplifting people's stories, and finds great joy watching people find empowerment through Megaphone. Devon's happiest moments are when he is backcountry hiking, engaged in photography or sharing stories with friends old and new.

Bianca Weima

Fundraising and Communications Coordinator 

Bianca (she/they) is a writer, editor, and event organizer from Vancouver. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing, and Digital and Print Publishing from Simon Fraser University where she also works as the Editor-in-Chief of SFU’s Undergraduate Journal, The Lyre. Bianca first learned of Megaphone when volunteering in the DTES last year and is so excited and enthused to work with them now! Bianca is a strong believer in accessible and informative storytelling and is so grateful to get to work with Megaphone and its audiences. In her free time, you can find Bianca in the aisles of Massy Books, looking up flight deals, or at home, having deep and meaningful conversations with her cat, Poe!

Kaira Fenix

Operations Coordinator


Kaira (they/them) is a community organizer, creative, and recent Sciences Po-UBC graduate. While finishing two Bachelor's degrees in Political Humanities and non-Western & Indigenous Media Studies, they worked continuously on collaborative, community-based projects, from co-directing a student theatrical production on modern Arab history, producing a documentary short about mass activists in Southeast Asia, illustrating a zine featuring Filipino working mothers, and designing a storytelling video game with Stó:lō youth. Kaira is a strong believer in the power of art and music to foster change and is happy to coordinate Megaphone's operations in the background. They find the greatest joy in short, sweet moments with strangers, creating playlists for loved ones, and pretending that the word vomit in their journal can be considered poetry.    


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