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You got us there. We reached our stretch goal in under 48 hours!

We did it! You got us there. Way past there, even. Thank you.

48 hours 
80 backers 
2 crowdfunding goals left in the dust. 
$6,560 raised to cover moving costs to Megaphone's new office.

Thank you.

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We asked for your help to raise $4,000 to cover moving costs to our own office. You responded with a landslide of support, and catapulted us past that $4,000 goal in under 5 hours. So we asked for your help to not only cover the basic moving costs, but to help us make the ultimate vendor hub where vendors can relax and socialize with comfy seating, unlimited coffee & tea and vendor designed decor. To do this, we upped the goal to $6,000. Again, you stepped up and lifted us past that goal in no time. In under 48 hours, you donated an amazing $6,540. Below is a list of the items named so far. Every time we see these labels, we will smile and be reminded of the incredibly witty and compassionate individuals that make the vendor program possible.


Our new office:

Garbage cans: Binjamin Num Nums, Ehon Hanroy, Stinka-Lina

Staplers: Marty; TBD by Megaphone vendors

Ping pong paddles: Jasper Beardly and Lucero

Label maker: Please Use Irresponsibly

Sugar bowl: Mr. Sweetums III

Scissors: Aaron

Mug: Deputy Hawk

Staffer Krista's plant that she thinks is holding in there but many people consider dead: The budding dead

Lightswitches: Herbie the Illuminator, Esquire; Let There Be; You Light Us Up

Teapot: Barklor the Destroyer

Kettle: IMA

Coffee Grinder: Diane

Coffee pot: CJ aka cuppajoe

Coffee Maker: Dale Cooper Coffee Maker

Staffer Jessica's plant: TBD by Megaphone vendors

Staffer Jessica's keyboard: The Fierce Frothing-at-the-Mouth Typewriter

Cardboard standing desk: Tower of Power

Earthquake kit: Jiggles

Fans: Fresh Prince of Cool-Air, Ice ICe Baby

Essential Oil Diffuser: Allergizer 5000

Calculator: It's Accrual World

Whiteboard: Monte's Magic Markerboard

Coat rack: I Stand Tall

Office dog: Gabriel

Megaphone: TBD by Megaphone vendors

Space Heaters: Space Heater of Solidarity, Dieter

Safe: Doug Ford

Mini Fridge: Peter Thompson

Windows: Dare To See Clearly; Tinfoiling

Vendor Hub: The Spot

Corkboard: Cork & Mindy

Water Dispenser: Cool Runnings

Hot Plate: Texas Pete

3 hole punch: Laura Lightbown

So, what next?

Now, we get packing. We will be moving in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for an invite to our move-in party where you will see all the incredible labels and plaques.

I'm incredibly thankful for your donation, your support, and your incredible wit. 

Some business notes:

  • The move-in date is yet to be set. Once we know, you will receive an invite to our move-in party. 
  • We are preparing your charitable tax receipt and will send it to you shortly.
  • Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you again. We couldn't have done this without you.

With immense gratitude,


P.S. Feeling left out? We still have a few items to name! Name our lamps, office chairs, vault our editor's first born child. They are going fast so better grab them fast!

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