Suzanne Kilroy - Gastown

“My name is Suzanne. I come from the interior of B.C., from the Kelowna area. I’ve been here on and off since ‘88. I’ve lived across Canada and in the United States, but I always come back to Vancouver. I don’t know why, it just seems like this is my home. This is my community. I always end up here. 

“My relationship with Megaphone started when they published my story about trying to exit the sex trade. It was really awesome and it really opened some doors for me and really turned my life around. 

“Being a sex worker, I would work all night and sleep all day, so I couldn’t make it to the bead store in time to buy my beads. I used to sell jewelry and native crafts so I wouldn’t have to sleep with those guys, which I get really tired of. I didn’t want to be there. Megaphone helps me to be awake during the daytime, buy some beads and make some jewelry. Now I’m healthier, I make a profit and don't have to work on the street. 

“I feel positive today. Sometimes I get a little confused and I might cry; sometimes I get lonely or sad, but then I’ll see another Megaphone vendor, or see different people who now know me and my story, and I feel good. It gives me a backbone, a sense of self-esteem, which I haven’t felt for a long time. People get to see my skills and talents and abilities, and appreciate me for it. 

“The small things make big things happen. When you’re having a difficult time, you have to remember: you’re going to be okay. But you’ve got to believe it."


Suzanne sells Megaphone in Gastown


Selling Megaphone gives vendors the opportunity to change their lives. Your donation helps us provide our vendors with training and supplies.






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