The Future of Farming: Building a sustainable food model for cities

In the second of our two-part series on sustainable food, in the latest issue of Megaphone we focus on the journeys our food takes to get to us. From the shorter distance of urban farming projects in Vancouver, to the long and winding road from food manufacturers to food banks, our food comes a long way.


Also in this issue: We take on Vision Vancouver's spin on the homelessness count numbers that show twice the amount of people sleeping outside tonight than did last year. We also hear from Megaphone vendor Charlize Gordon on the spectre of homelessness that haunts her today, despite living in stable housing.


We cover a new exhibit in the Downtown Eastside that showcases works by 48 low-income artists who have received grants to expand their portfolios and display their talents; David Suzuki encourages you to get outside and smell the roses; Megaphone vendor Ron McBride dishes on why he loves to photograph Vancouver; Downtown Eastside residents recoil at an increase of rats in their neighbourhood; arts listings, horoscopes, and more.


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