The National Game: A game connects generations

Most of us know lacrosse as Canada's national sport, but few of us know how to play. That's not the case for a growing number of Canada's Aboriginal population, who played the sport long before colonialists took it away from them in the 19th century. In the latest issue of Megaphone, we talk with some of the veterans of the infamous North Shore Indians lacrosse team and the new generation of first nations players bringing lacrosse's popularity back. 


Also in this issue: 10 ways not to react to the indigenous experience of racism in Canada; the federal government rejects recommendations for an inquiry into missing and murdered women aboriginal women from the UN Human Rights Council; an upcoming public transit forum looks at options for accommodating low-income people; vendor Bob Dennis remembers his elders; poetry and prose from our writing workshops; and much more!

Get on your megaphone

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