photos: Vancouver vendor Rodney McNeely. Photo by Priyanka Roy.

The tree that stands majestically

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor Rodney McNeely shares a poem about a beautiful forest scene

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By Rodney McNeely

Gently trickling in a downward stream
Flowing upward again until
It reaches a point, circling around until
It connects. Another branch joining upward
From beneath. Darkish green almost
Like a silhouette. Strong, bold, a trunk
Supporting all its weight with patterns
I cannot describe, the texture of
Something to be. The branches, much wider
At the bottom pushing upward to join
The others. Several of them snuggling
together, gripping each other like they
Don’t want to let go.
It is a tree that stands there
Majestically from its roots
How it’s all done I don’t know, it’s there
And it happened. That’s what matters to

Rodney McNeely sells in Vancouver. Photo by Priyanka Roy.

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