Then & Now: For Vancouver musicians, the past presents itself


Next week at The Biltmore Cabaret, local power-pop purveyors beekeeper present the second

edition of Then & Now, a musical journey into the past and present catalogues of a variety of

Vancouver musicians, all in the name of raising funds for Megaphone.


Ten artists will perform one song from the “then” of their lives: the first song they ever wrote, a

song from early in their career or a song that has never seen the light of day. They’ll also each

perform one song from the “now” of their lives: the newest, the greatest, the thing they are most

excited about.


This year’s performers include Ford Pier, Buckman Coe, Devin Miller, Redbird, Duncan Shields,

Ciseaux and, of course, beekeeper. The night also features a surprise guest, whose identity

organizer Devon Lougheed is keeping secret.


We caught up with the beekeeper singer/guitarist and Megaphone superfriend to find out what’s

so appealing about history.


For most people, the past is filled with shame and regret. Why are you so obsessed with exploring the horrible, horrible past?

I think it is empowering to revisit and reframe the personal past, to change the way I think about

both the best and worst parts. Plus, you never really seem to “feel feels” as an adult to the

guttural and exhilarating extremes that you do as a teen. Maybe I’m not ready to concede those

emotions do adulthood just yet.


Which is better: then or now?

Then was great, but now is amazing. And you just wait until what comes next!


Everyone has a first concert story. What’s yours?

I went to see The Philosopher Kings at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, Ontario with my dad.

I must’ve been 10 or 11. A few ladies threw their bras onstage, which was as confusing as it

was exhilarating for my young mind. I think I probably decided to pursue music right then and



What is the most embarrassing song you’ve ever performed live?

My pal Sara Bynoe hosts a “Teen Angst” poetry night in town, where comedians do hilarious

readings of their own teenage poetry. I performed a song called “The Name of the Full Moons”

that has some real groaner lyrics. I don’t think “embarrassed” is the right word, though—I think

Sara’s events and Then & Now are similar in that both work to enjoy and celebrate the past,

even the parts with terrible and heavy-handed rhyming couplets.


If beekeeper is performing at Then & Now 10 years in the future, what is the song you play and


Our “now” song will probably be some sort of electronic direct-to-brain-via-FireWire composition,

and our “then” song will have good ol’ fashioned rock guitars!



Then & Now, a fundraiser for Megaphone, takes place at The Biltmore Cabaret (2755 Prince Edward Dr.) on Tuesday, August 20.

Doors open at 8:30pm, show starts at 9pm.

Tickets $8 in advance or $12 at the door.

Get on your megaphone

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