I try and try and try again 

Will it stop or ever end?

I do this and do that but don't succeed 

When my only wish is just to be freed

I suffer and suffer and want to die 

I am always asking myself when and why

What is wrong with me I really don't know 

Heaven or hell is where I wanna go

I really don't want to live this way 

But to be here for my children, this is the price I'm willing to pay

To have to live this way, doesn't leave a good impression 

But this is me and I live with this depression


By Misty-Lee Davis


Misty-Lee Davis is a member of Megaphone's community writing workshop at the Rainier Hotel. She produced two of the pieces in Megaphone's 2012 Voices of the Street literary anthology.


To read her other piece, "Why am I an addict?", click here. To read an interview about her experience in the Megaphone writing workshops, click here.


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