Vancouver Stories: Storytelling projects give voice to a city

Everyone has a great story. Whether it's the time you and your friends got chased by security, the terrible bind date you went on, or the incredible thing your child did, there's an amazing adventure in all of us. The problem is that we have few ways to share them.


Seeing a need in the city for more collective narratives, Lizzy Karp and Karen Pinchin created Rain City Chronicles, a series of storytelling nights featuring a diverse assemblage of Vancouverites. The result has been "top-down community building", which has helped people connect to each other as they share their humerous, strange and intimate encounters. 


In Megaphone #77, we also profile Another Slice, a zine for Vancouver's homeless and at-risk youth that allows them to write and share their own stories. We also feature the writing of Justin Burggraeve, who was part of the show, Conviction Kitchen, and who writes about the difficulties in transitioning from treatment to the real world. 


In this issue we also feature the upcoming DOXA film festival, profile Megaphone vendor Joe Kryklywy, look at what the city is doing with the homeless shelters and remind our readers about our writing workshop fundraising campaign and upcoming Voices of the Street launch.  


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