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What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

Vendor Ron McGrath wants to know

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I put the question out there to my customers. Some of them think it's a fabricated holiday, and others say they don't "feel anything." Come Feb. 14, it may either be flowers, chocolates … or the frying pan!

But others said they have a good feeling about Valentine’s Day. Some do have bad ones though, probably because the dish ran away with the spoon.

Another of my customers said it’s tradition for her mom to send her children Valentine gifts, and that she enjoyed getting chocolates. Valentine’s Day and chocolates really go together. I can consent to that.

This was one of the best and funniest responses I got. One lady customer says she thinks Valentine’s Day is a lot of fun. I ask, “Why?” And she says, “Actually, we celebrate it on the 15th ‘cause that was our first date.”

This is a sad one, which is something we can all get trapped in, and that is the pressure and obligation that can come with Valentine’s Day. Some people have a really hard time over all the different holidays, and even birthdays.

To me, I like to be realistic: it’s just another day! Everyday, I look into my own heart, and try to be kind to myself, and love myself—the rest follows.

What love is to me is radiance. It’s very spiritual. It’s all around us. It’s everywhere. I say, to a lot of people, “I love you,” meaning, I feel their radiance.

And they need to hear that once in awhile. No matter what day it happens to be, or who they are, I say it as a reminder so they know they’re appreciated.

I am not a Hallmark card who will give you what you desire, or Willie Wonka trying to sweeten you up.

To my customers, let’s share our radiance every day.

Love, Ron.


Ron sells Megaphone at two locations: on Cambie and Broadway and the Choices Market on 16th and Stephens.

Get on your megaphone

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