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Vendor Voices: Bob gives thanks this holiday season

This holiday season I have much to be thankful for.

I want to thank the residents of Cambie Village who buy Megaphone and Hope in Shadows calendars for their support this past year.

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I’m thankful for the management of Choices Market, who let me stand outside in front of the store, helping me make a living. I’m thankful for my relationships with all the staff and for getting to know each other.

I’m thankful for my clients, who are now my friends and came to my birthday party in June at the Sylvia Hotel bistro. Many have also come to my house parties, as well as some evenings where we watched the old TV series Gunsmoke. I’m thankful for Randy and Blake, who often supplied the food.

If I’m away in Victoria and am gone a few days people miss me or are worried about me. It’s nice to have people who care for me in my life.

I thank Sean Condon and the volunteers for Megaphone for taking an interest in my work and friendship.

I thank Choice’s Market staff and management, clients, residents and friends for the support they gave me when I lost my beloved father James, who died of a sudden heart attack.

Several of them knew Dad or wanted to show support and attend Dad’s funeral. 
Unfortunately, people who came to Dad’s funeral had to be family members or close friends of Dad and Maria, Dad’s second wife. I broke down at one point on the street, but people comforted me and a Starbucks patron bought me a coffee while another gave me money to get home.

I’m thankful for Neil, my friend of 51 years, who was supportive and came to see me on my spot, treating me to a coffee at Starbucks.

I also thank Choice’s Market staff, residents and customers for supporting me after the loss of four friends. I wrote about two of those friends, Nancy and Jay, in Megaphone. Their stories were posted in Choice’s Market. I really miss them both.

Many people miss George, who panhandled outside Liquor Barn, He had a sad life leading to addictions. When not intoxicated he was the nicest guy, witty and very knowledgeable. He passed away with cancer.

I thank a resident who invited me to his block party, where I saw a few customers of mine.

I am thankful for those who live in the area who have chased off a couple of nuisance panhandlers. I’m thankful also for those patrons at Kino who’ve also backed me up, plus their friendship when I go over for coffee. One of them is a Vancouver police officer who respects me as an individual for my knowledge of Vancouver history and the Vancouver Police Department.

To all of you, I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy 2013.

Your friend, 


Bob sells Megaphone outside Choices Market at 19th and Cambie in Vancouver.

Megaphone needs to raise $12,000 this holiday season so we can continue to help support vendors like Bob. With sales trainings, writing workshops and supports, we're able to work with more than 250 homeless and low-income people in Vancouver and ensure they can reach their goals. 

We're incredibly proud of Bob and all he's accomplished. He's and a wonderfully talented writer and a popular fixture on the corner that he sells. And all he needed was an opportunity. With your support, you'll be able to provide this opportunity to more people in your community.


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