photos: Bob chats with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson at the official declaration of Megaphone Day this past December.

Vendor Voices: Bob on building confidence and making friends

"Selling Megaphone has helped me build my confidence and made me feel proud of myself. I like selling the magazine because I can get out of the apartment and do something I really love. And I like talking and interacting with my clients and people on the street. 


Get on your megaphone

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“I’ve formed a lot of relationships with my customers and have coffee with several of them. Megaphone has helped create some good. That is really important to me.

“Writing for the magazine has also been a boost to my confidence and it’s gained me a lot of admiration and respect. I have written about my family and myself and also about the history of the Vancouver Police Department.I’m really glad to have the chance to write for Megaphone.

“I’m originally from Vancouver, but moved to Transcona, a suburb of Winnipeg, when I was young. I moved back here for good in 1978.

“What I really like about Vancouver is that people here are really friendly. This city has got its misfits and its problems, but there are a lot of good people out there. I’ve also noticed going back and forth to work and home that there are a lot of polite people in the Cambie Village area. 

“I suffer from anxiety, but selling Megaphone helps keep my mind off those distractions and my problems. 

“It also really helps that the staff at Choice’s, where I sell in front of, have been so supportive. They’re really nice to me. All of the merchants around Cambie Village are really nice. They talk to me and joke around and admire me for selling the paper.

“I’m a really huge fan of the show Gunsmoke. Always will be. And I like going to Victoria to see my friends—I’m thinking of maybe putting down roots there some day. But for now I like being in Vancouver and selling Megaphone in Cambie Village.”

Bob sells Megaphone outside of Choices Market at Cambie and 19th.

Get on your megaphone

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