VENDOR VOICES: Then and now with Teresa Ng

When I was in Christian elementary school, I was wrestling and having fun. Every boy I was wrestling with, I won! My health was really good when I was young. Sometimes I would go with my friends to the store and purchase dried prunes and ginger. Every day I walked a very long distance from home to school, and from school to home with a big heavy bag of books

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My life was easy, fun and successful before we came to Canada. In Hong Kong, I went to United Christ Elementary School. I earned the highest marks in the whole class in math; in every English dictation and homework; and every Bible dictation and homework. I got 100 per cent. In Grades 6 and 7, I was a teachers’ assistant. Math and English for me were easy and fun. In Grade 6, I got a scholarship to further my education. I gave the money to my father.

After arriving in Canada, I went to Eric Hamber Secondary School and took Grade 9 math in Grade 8. Also during those years, I was the fastest runner on the track and field team. I worked very hard at this and practiced running around Langara College.

My parents said I was obedient, pure and polite. They wanted me to be a Catholic nun, a Catholic sister. My dream was to become a policewoman.

I tried to be as religious and spiritual as possible by going to church a lot when I was young.

I got sick later in life. I've been on psychiatric pills since I was 18. Now, I am turning 50. The side effects of psychiatric pills make me unable to keep a job. I haven’t had a business that doesn’t result in me getting fired.

I am on welfare now and I was on welfare after I completed high school.

I like selling the Hope in Shadows calendar and Megaphone magazine. It's like I'm hiring myself for my business, like I am owning a business. It's nice to be polite and smile and say "Hi" to people. And I don't get fired.

It's like a community, to make friends and be friendly to people.

Hope in Shadows vendors and Megaphone vendors are poor. The business helps people to help themselves.

I am really happy that I can make enough money for myself to survive and make a living every two weeks.

Teresa sells Megaphone at several locations. She sells at the corner of Granville and West Broadway; at the corner of Granville and 14th; in front of Woodward’s; and outside the IGA at Richards and Robson. 

Get on your megaphone

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