Eric - Megaphone Vendor of the Year 2015

Congratulations Eric, Vancouver Vendor of the Year 2015! Eric's humble generosity of spirit and dedication to his work do not go unnoticed. He would be the last person to brag, but in his time as a vendor, he has quietly built up an army of customers, fans, and supporters at...
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Carmen finds a new kind of happiness

Carmen sells Megaphone in Vancouver. She has a new part-time vending location from 2-8pm at Main and 26th in Mount Pleasant.
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Sang's on a mission to help his family

Sang sells Megaphone in front of the BC Liquor Store at Menzies and Toronto Street in Victoria’s James Bay neighbourhood.
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Meet James Clark, walking on the sunny side of the street

James sells Megaphone at 8th and Cambie in Vancouver in front of Whole Foods Market.
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Peter Thompson leaves Robson & Howe for Kits

 After years of selling Megaphone in downtown Vancouver at Robson and Howe, Peter Thompson has recently moved his spot to 4th and Vine in Kitsilano in front of Whole Foods Market.
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Meet Eric, a familiar face on Commercial Drive

"What I’d like to tell my customers is this: thank you for stopping by and for your support. Thank you for the smiles, waves, and hellos, and for the good conversation."
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Meet Sang

Sang sells Megaphone in Victoria outside the BC Liquor Store at Menzies and Toronto in James Bay.
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Richard Prest, jack of all trades

"I had a lot of talent and skills. But my skills didn’t line up with economic realities."
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Matt Cassan reflects on his first season as a vendor

“If people were told regularly that they have skills and could have work and do the work properly, there would be more people off the street.”
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Rose Henry speaks truth to power

"We need to make room for those who have had the most experience [with homelessness and poverty] to be included on the advisory council, to be included on the board of directors, and to be able to build their own community."
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