Being happy vs. being successful

Vancouver vendor Dennis Chernyk muses about the stuff of life.
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Viewpoint: The money wheel

When you're homeless and looking for housing, it's a demoralizing cycle of not having enough resources to get ahead.
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Powerful elder heals by helping others

Sue has seen more than her share of tragedy, but the courageous Megaphone vendor finds strength in encouraging others.
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Spike's word

Vancouver vendor and writer Gerald 'Spike' Peachey shares some writing tips.
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Lifelong Victoria resident enjoys his Saturday shift

Richard Gerrand has been selling street newspapers for a dozen years.
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Spoil, teach, play

Longtime Megaphone vendor Peter Thompson talks about the importance of being a grandfather.
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From halibut to higher education

Vancouver vendor Dylan Short charts a new course while going back to school.
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Bringing connections into sharper focus

For winning photographer Buffie Irvine, the Hope in Shadows project becaime more than a photo contest.
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The future looks bright in Victoria

Fred Willingdon takes care to offer acknowledgement to those who are often "invisible" in society.
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Megaphone's 'Fab Four' have been here since the beginning

Longtime vendors (from left) Vince Broad, Bob Dennis, Richard Morris and Ray Soucy have been hitting the streets for nearly a century between them.
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