From halibut to higher education

Vancouver vendor Dylan Short charts a new course while going back to school.
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Bringing connections into sharper focus

For winning photographer Buffie Irvine, the Hope in Shadows project becaime more than a photo contest.
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The future looks bright in Victoria

Fred Willingdon takes care to offer acknowledgement to those who are often "invisible" in society.
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Megaphone's 'Fab Four' have been here since the beginning

Longtime vendors (from left) Vince Broad, Bob Dennis, Richard Morris and Ray Soucy have been hitting the streets for nearly a century between them.
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Vendor Voices: A fresh start comes into focus

Valerie Fielding’s participation in Megaphone’s annual Hope in Shadows photography project revealed a talent she never knew she had and a sense of purpose she thought she’d lost.
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Remembering Sang Hussain

Warm, charming and determined to meet life’s challenges, Victoria vendor was a genuine pleasure to be around.
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A lesson learned

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor Peter Thompson talks favourite food and the proper way to smoke fish
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Craig Baron

Vendor Profile: Victoria’s 2017 Vendor of the Year
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Vancouver to Montreal: vendors share their experiences selling on the streets

Megaphone News: In honour of #VendorWeek this month, Megaphone vendor James Witwicki had a ‘face-to-face’ interview with Montreal paper vendor, Yvon Massicotte from L’Itineraire
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Death City

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor and poet The Bear Whisperer writes a poem about the people he has lost to the overdose crisis
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