Holiday Profile: Suzanne Kilroy

Long-time Megaphone and Hope in Shadows vendor Suzanne Kilroy shares her hopes for the new year
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Love over adversity

Vendor Profile: Ada and Bruce stick together through thick and thin
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Happy bus driver

Vendor Voices: Jim Ryder pens a poem both funny and dark about riding on the bus through the eyes of a bus driver
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Congratulations Peter!

Congratulations to Peter Thompson, Megaphone's Vancouver Vendor of the Year 2016!
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'My own boss'

Vendor Profile: Levi Holland has been selling Megaphone for nearly a decade
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Our future is now

Vendor Voices: Ron McGrath talks energy and the future
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Patrick Yacyshen, 1953 – 2016

Megaphone News: Remembering a gentle and gracious Megaphone vendor
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Fred Willingdon loves Victoria

Vendor Profile: After working through years of homelessness, Fred Willingdon began selling street papers
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Why we created the Megaphone App

  In an increasingly tech-obsessed society, I know that Megaphone is a bit of a throwback. Sometimes I meet someone who isn’t familiar with Megaphone’s model and the conversation goes a little like this: “Street vendors? Like newsies? Print media? Talking to people in person? Do people do that anymore?"...
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Having a hairy day in your world

Vendor Voices: Finding ways to contribute to her community has brought about positive change in Suzanne Kilroy’s life
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