June 20, 2014

Victoria’s homeless get a new opportunity to work and be heard

Megaphone publishes first issue of street paper that will be sold in Victoria by homeless and low-income vendors

Victoria, B.C. [June 20, 2014]—Homeless and low-income people in Victoria have a new opportunity to earn an income while raising awareness about the issues they face every day.

Vancouver’s award-winning street paper, Megaphone, launches in Victoria today. The paper will be sold on the streets by vendors, who earn an income from every transaction. Vendors will buy each copy for 75 cents and sell it for $2, keeping the profit. The Victoria Disability Resource Centre will operate as the magazine’s depot.

Victoria’s street paper, Street Newz, recently announced it will cease publishing after 10 years. Megaphone’s expansion to Victoria ensures the homeless and low-income community has an opportunity to earn an income while drawing attention to poverty-related issues.

“There’s a great need in Victoria for a strong street paper,” says Sean Condon, Megaphone’s executive director. “The city has seen increases in poverty and homelessness rates. Megaphone can be an opportunity for people struggling with poverty to get a hand up.”

Megaphone has been operating in Vancouver for more than 20 years, providing homeless and low-income people employment opportunities and a platform for their stories to be told. The publication will feature stories about issues facing homeless and low-income people in Vancouver, Victoria, and other communities across the province.

“With Megaphone increasing awareness of these issues, it is hoped that public opinion in Victoria will influence government to take a more pro-active role in challenging the root causes of poverty and create a more inclusive and equal society,” says David Hosking, chair of the Victoria Disability Resource Centre. “The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is proud to contribute to the success of this venture.”

Both professional journalists and members of the low-income community write for the magazine. Stories in the magazine focus on issues related to poverty, addiction, and mental health and aim to provide solutions while breaking down stereotypes.

Megaphone is one of more than 120 street paper projects sold in 40 countries. These street papers have a combined readership of 6 million per issue and have helped more than 250,000 homeless vendors around the world earn a living and improve their lives.

Megaphone is an award-winning magazine sold on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria by homeless and low-income vendors. Published by the non-profit Street Corner Media Foundation, vendors buy each issue for 75 cents and sell them on the street for $2. They keep all profits. The magazine is published every two weeks. Visit www.megaphonemagazine.com.

For more information, contact:
Sean Condon
Executive Director,
[email protected]

David Hosking
Chair and Acting Executive Director,
Victoria Disability Resource Centre

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