Voices of the Street

Megaphone's 2023 and 13th-annual Voices of the Street will be available for purchase from your Megaphone vendor on May 5, 2023! Voices of the Street showcases the literary talents of marginalized writers in Vancouver and is sold by Megaphone vendors to earn a meaningful income. 

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, May 26, 2023, Megaphone will be hosting the 2023 Voices of the Street Launch Event at the SFU World Arts Centre. This will be an evening of celebrating and hearing poetry readings from the writers published in Voices of the Street. Check back in April for more information!

Hard copies of the 2022 edition of Voices of the Street - Stealing Looks at the Sun: Writing about Climate Change in 2022 are SOLD OUT. 

Digital online copies are still available of this awesome publication if you weren't able to pick one up from your Megaphone vendor in time!

Buy a digital copy online

This past year, new phrases such as “heat dome”, “polar vortex” and “atmospheric river”’ entered our vocabularies as the elements that make up our world — Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether — cried out for us to accept what experts have been saying for years: Climate change is here.

So climate change is also here, on the pages of the 2022 Voices of the Street literary anthology.

Writers included in this year’s edition express the many challenges linked to the constellation of inequalities that come from a life lived in poverty. They are often the people closest to the ground during natural disasters and the ones least-equipped — at least economically — to navigate upheavals brought about by climate crises. 

Stealing Looks at the Sun: Writing About Climate Change in 2022 features 34 powerful contributions from these writers, whose work reflects on memories of time spent in Haida Gwaii, contemplations on the mystery of crows and hummingbirds, recollections of surviving natural disasters, urgent calls for government action… and so much more. 

For the second year, the anthology also features beautiful full-colour photographs taken by two community photographers, Priscillia Mays Tait and Mike McNeeley. 

Each year, Voices of the Street offers a collection of poems, stories, essays and creative writing by Megaphone vendors and other writers marginalized by poverty and homelessness, many of whom have participated in Megaphone’s creative writing workshops.

Voices of the Street is sold on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria by Megaphone's low-income vendors. Vendors buy each book for $5 and sell them for $10, keeping the profit.

Megaphone has been publishing Voices of the Street since 2012. Start your own collection today with a visit to your local vendor or by purchasing a copy online here.

Five ways to support Voices of the Street

  1. Buy the latest literary edition from your vendor today. (Click here to see a list of common vending locations)
  2. Buy a digital copy of Voices of the Street
  3. Come to the 2022 Voices of the Street Book Launch Event on June 22, 2022
  4. Advertise with us.
  5. Become a sponsor.

Thank you to our incredible sponsors of the Voices of the Street literary anthology Stealing Looks at the Sun: Writing About Climate Change in 2022!

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    I bought " Aspirations, voices of the street 2019" from a vendor in Victoria. I am enjoying the poetry. One particular poem that stands out for me, spoke deeply to my heart as I try to decide where to go from here is Fhead’s contribution, “Appropriate Behaviour”.
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