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Voices of the Street

Megaphone News: The seventh annual literary edition returns with poetry and prose from the talented writers that make each anthology special.

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Voices of the Street is a literary anthology featuring writing from Megaphone vendors and community writers from the Downtown Eastside. While the special edition will be available on April 28, we’re excited to share new pieces from authors who can also be found in the pages of volume seven!


By Naomi Bergen

In the whispering wind as my thoughts
had past I hear a soft voice speak to me
like a tree. I walk down the street looking
at you, looking at me. We hardly said a word.
Silence has spoken you are a token of love
as people walk by we hold hands and so do they.
It’s a pleasure to say hello to someone down the street.
My partner loves dogs so to them he says hello.
We’re walking in silence and so are others.

Naomi Bergen is a community writer who lives in East Vancouver. She has sent many beautifully visually poems to Megaphone. Be sure to check out her poem "Under the Apple Tree" in Voices of the Street.

Cross!/ Don't Cross
By James Witwicki

Step! Don't step.
Step! Don't step.
Step over. Step across a line. Step!
Don't step. Step! Across a line. Don't..
Take one step forward... Ali would not.
One step forward! Step. One. Changed
his life. Don't step. Cross a line.
Changed history. One step
forward not taken.
Do not cross a line. Don't step. Cross.
Don't cross. Have crossed. Did cross.
Will have been crossing when...Don't step.
Don't. Don't cross a line, another line,
a line no coming back. Come back!
No coming back across this line.
Too far. Never coming back. Too far. Don't
Cross. Do not cross. What about the cross?
Leave religion out of it. Don't
bring Jesus into it.
Cross. Do not cross. Step. This
is a line some will not cross.
Never going back. Never going
back across. Step. Don't step.
Never going back across....
(the Mediterranean)
The Mediterranean Sea.
Can't go back. Never going back. Back
across. Across. Don't cross. Don't
attempt to cross International Boundaries!
Freedom is a boundary.
Freedom is a tall fence.
Freedom can disintegrate before your eyes,
Or sink before your eyes. Do cross.
Never going to cross, go back, receive peace,
acquire rest. Security. Prosperity.
Beyond a line not crossed. Good fences.
The boundary not crossed.
Cross. Don't cross.

James_Whitwicki.jpgJames Witwicki is a Megaphone and Hope in Shadows vendor who has been published by the magazine many times. He is also a member of the Thursdays Writing Collective. He dedicates this piece to the former executive director of the Thursdays Writing Collective, Elee Kraljii Gardiner. Be sure to read his piece, "I think it was" in the upcoming Voices of the Street edition. Photo by Jackie Dives





My Photo Vision

By Ron McGrath

How one looks at life, could be different
Than how another perceives life!
If one looks at a piece of artwork
And picks out all the flaws
This person could be an expert of defining
A piece of art.
However, this person may know, absolutely
Nothing about art, and may be very
Hypocritical; the art piece; the artist,
How one interprets; the way one looks
The way one criticizes
Should be respectful of the artist
Whether it’s a masterpiece or it’s not!
What I appreciate is the time and love
The artist puts into a project
If I fail to look, at the big picture
And the tunnel vision narrows
Then the tree of life withers
Oh please Lord; let it be
That life, it be
Cause I never want to
All that’s natural,
All that you’ve given me,
I don’t want to ever change
The man in me!
I want to expand my wings,
with each horizon
Until the sun stops shining
and the Moon disappears
The butterflies last change
The last tree standing
The scent of the last flower.

Ron-McGrath.gifRon McGrath is a longtime Megaphone and Hope in Shadows vendor who has been published many times in the pages of the magazine and Voices of the Street. Check out his piece, "Resolving the homeless crisis" in the upcoming special literary edition. Photo by David Denofreo, Black Opal Images.



Chinese Calligraphy on a Scroll

By Han Sen

A dragon descends
A phoenix rises from the
music of the heart

Han-Sen.gifHan Sen was a participant in Megaphone’s Community Journalism 101 workshop last spring. Be sure to read his piece, "Powell Street Festival" in the upcoming Voices of the Street edition. Photo by Stefania Seccia.








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