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“Everyone has a story to tell, and we all need to hear all kinds of stories. It’s what makes us human. Megaphone’s workshop helps bring the quiet, necessary stories of some to the ears of others.” Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi


Voices of the Street is Megaphone’s annual literary edition, sold alongside the magazine. Vendors buy each issue for $5 and sell it for $10, keeping the profit from every sale.

Voices of the Street  features stories and poetry from people experiencing poverty, including our vendors. These talented writers share their experiences with homelessness, aboriginal identity, addiction, mental health, and poverty. Many of the stories come from Megaphone’s writing workshops in treatment centres, shelters, social housing buildings, and community centres. Voices of the Street gives marginalized writers a therapeutic outlet and a voice.


It is in the spirit of togetherness – of seeing that we all have more in common than we do separating us- that Voices of the Street takes place. We all have stories to share and when the stories of some us are silenced, or ignored because of poverty, racism, colonialism, a part of all us is silenced. We must come together to amplify these stories.

Where & When

·      The literary issue is sold in Vancouver, Victoria and online

·      Over 2,000 copies sold every year

·      Issue launches in May each year

·      The issue sells out every year after approximately 2 months

Megaphone will launch Voices of the Street with a public reading event, featuring writers published in the issue. For many, this is their first experience with public speaking, and it is deeply meaningful. The heartwarming event gives writers a platform to have their voices heard and connects the audience to these personal and powerful narratives that challenge stereotypes about poverty.

For many of the writers, this is their first experience with public speaking – it gives them a platform to have their voices heard. The event gives the audience a chance to connect to these personal and powerful stories.




Former editor Jackie Wong helping writer Mel present his poem.

What We bring:

The community, the promotion, vendor support and the heavy lifting.

While this will be a team effort in so many ways, Megaphone will take care of the heavy lifting, the pre-and-post launch event, and sales season promotional strategy and execution, access to our community, and then working together to spread the content we capture across B.C.

·      Launch event planning and execution

·      Digital promotion

·      Sales distribution to over 2,000 customers


What We Need:

A group of partners committed to working together toward this vision:

While we will take care of the heavy lifting and execution, this will need to be a unified effort among some of Vancouver’s greatest companies and organizations:

·      Cover funding for costs to publish this special edition

·      Funding to pay contributing low-income writers

·      Fund the reading event

·      Mutual drive to give marginalized people a voice


The Collab:

The impact and reach of this project is substantial.

We aren’t going to tell you what you need from us. Once we know your budget and what promotional material would be most beneficial for you, we will create a tailored package for your organization or business.

What we can offer your team:

Advertisement/ Logo display 

·      Logo displayed as a sponsor for 1 month of the calendar

·      Logo displayed in special sponsor page of the issue with a write up about your organization

·      Logo displayed in Megaphone magazine sponsors section

·      Logo displayed on Megaphone website

·      Logo displayed at event (slides, signs, program)

·      Thanks online, in Megaphone website


·      Up to 40 complimentary copies of the calendar

·      Yearly Megaphone subscription

·      Complimentary copies of the Hope in Shadows calendar

·      Yearly Megaphone subscription

Participation/ Speaking opportunities

·      Invitation to Hope in Shadows launch event where a member from your organization will present an award to winning vendors for your sponsored month

·      Invitation to participate as Guest Vendor at Megaphone’s Big Sell, where community leaders come together for one hour to sell Megaphone with vendors


What brand integration can look like:


Starting on the left: Sponsor page on our event program, sponsor logo on the projector screen before the event, photo of the audience during the 2017 Voices of the Street reading.


Let’s talk.


Greta Lin

Communications and Development Coordinator

[email protected] 

604-255-9701 ext 153



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