Whose Vancouver?: Gentrification in the Downtown Eastside

Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is changing. Closed stores and run-down hotels are being torn down and replaced with high-end boutiques, fancy diners, and condos. But long-time residents fear this "urban renewal" will mean an "urban eviction" for the low-income and un-housed people who call the area home.


In Issue 110 of Megaphone we attack the thorny issue of gentrification, both the pros of neighbourhood revitalization and the cons of turning a poor area into a haven for the rich.


This issue features DTES residents' take on gentrification through poetry and essays from Megaphone's neighbourhood writing workshops. We also discuss the evolution of Vancouver as a whole and the loss of many historic buildings, flattened to build more condo towers and high-rise office buildings in Michael Kluckner's latest book Vanishing Vancouver: The Last 25 Years.


Also in this issue: Darryl Barnes death and the need for more police mental health training; the Comox Valley Regional District struggles over who should be responsible for divvying up money for the homeless; David Suzuki discusses the evils of plastic bags; and more!


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