Writing Workshop Wednesday: A Break in the Routine, by N.O. Styles

Photo by Bigstock.

A Break in the Routine

They need to put
you in a slot
to number, place,
assign your lot.

I'll be instamatic
--a frozen pea--
I'll be dehydrated
in consumer society.

They want to file your
soul to dust, no glory,
no fame past this 
age of rust.

Discipline, regimes
and order of things
they have fetus on
their breath.

Redundant, Redundant,

The statistical tactile
myopic gods see my
futility. Though I grow
to love routine, I know
I must conform to find whats

A place for solace, 
really a middle road.
Sounds like a clean 


N.O. Styles participates in Megaphone's creative writing workshop at Onsite.


This spring Megaphone needs to raise $12,000 to keep the voices of the Downtown Eastside strong. Please show your support for our writing workshop programs by making a donation (through Hope in Shadows) here!

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