Writing Workshop Wednesday: A Mammalian Nation, by Neil Benson

A Mammalian Nation

My momma was a warm-blooded creature of love,
my papa, he was cold-blooded
busy body hunter.
The matriarchy was the law of
the land and now.
a patriarchal mixed market
economy reigns.

A mixed economy maintained by
a triad run state comprised of
the welfare, police, military.

The operation of this market
economy is simply an
administrative apparatus
spear-headed by social and by
national security task.

So this is my nationality,
I fall-out from the Mammalian Nation
wedded to territoriality:
the land is our common mother.

A traditional observation
is cooperative rather than feudal;
clan-house rules apply here tribal custom,
til death do us part in health, or else,
otherwise without the wealth substance;
yet bound in accordance to the sway
that I view as non-obligatory,
born half-breed, half-warm, half-cold-blooded.

Fifty-fifty mellow and crazy,
this does not make me more or less
Nation than any other Nation;
Nation is family born mammal.

Neil is a participant in Megaphone’s community writing workshop at the Drug Users Resource Centre.

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