Writing Workshop Wednesday: A Stranger by Sarah M. Ouellette


Every Wednesday starting today, we’ll publish a piece of writing from Megaphone’s community writing workshops. We begin with a poem by Sarah M. Ouellette. Her poetry has been published in Megaphone Magazine and its annual special literary issue, Voices of the Street.


Photo by Ms. D. Meanor on flickr


A Stranger


Her story starts off as any other

In a place not so far away

She leads a life no longer hers

Sold into slavery, innocence stolen

She becomes someone else

Time is passing her by

But she doesn’t notice

A stranger she’s becoming

She’s forgotten who she was

Where do the lost go

When they can’t find themselves?

Her essence is gone

She can’t find her way home

She slowly dies inside all alone.


By Sarah M. Ouellette

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