Writing Workshop Wednesday: Currently my life, by Keith L. Goslin

Light at the end of the tunnel image by Bigstock.

Currently my life


I'm currently in detox and I have more than a singular dollar in both my wallet and my bank account. This comes as a somewhat of a surprise. Get clean with a readily available means of getting high. Come on!?! Really? Yup I have surprised myself with this so very simple, yet so baffling, action. I have actually never before, as far as I recall, put the brakes on while still having the means for more. Should I take this as an omen? A sign from the godz? Or should I say it is what it is and continue to be grateful? Either way the outlook and prognosis is good. I like having my own cigarettes in detox.


Keith L. Goslin participates in Megaphone's creative writing workshop at Onsite.

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