Writing Workshop Wednesday: Destination Detour, by Allison McArthur

Photo by Bigstock.

Destination Detour


Piss blood and tears in the alley for years. Where needles and spoons warm cold blood for daughters, sons, mothers and fathers. A corridor of self destruction where lives are revived today to overdose tomorrow. A welfare roulette where the house seldom wins; a sense of entitlement without self discipline. Who take and demand from compassionate hands support through defeat as life on the street has needs to continue this spiral down. Where harm reduction debates the outreach to reach you and catch you when you fall again. Open doors for addictions where tough love never greets you. Supporting free will to live in despair, as the cost to you, and for you weighs wearily and high. This plight challenging our faith and hope in humanity. A destination detour built to flag your flailing in. A venture through hell, not around, where reality will bite and gnaw to devour your pain. A gift to heal your life and live again.


Allison recently completed Megaphone's Community Journalism 101 non-fiction writing class at SFU Woodward's.

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