Writing Workshop Wednesday: Forgotten, by Lesley Cohen


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I've forgotten how to feel.

Feelings are no longer present in my life.


I've forgotten what it feels like to be surrounded by people who love me and want only the best for me.


I've forgotten a time when I would never allow myself to be abused emotionally, physically, or spiritually by anyone, ever.


I've forgotten what my mom's face looks like when she is proud of me.


I've forgotten how to make eye contact with the mirror and with people.


I've forgotten how to simply sit in peace. I've forgotten what peace feels like.


I've forgotten how my mom's face lights up with joy after she hasn't seen me in awhile.


I've forgotten my goals and my dreams, or what they once were.


I've forgotten how important it is to give love, be kind, help others and love yourself.



Lesley wrote this poem while she was living on the streets of the Downtown Eastside. She is a former participant in the Megaphone community writing workshop at the Drug Users Resource Centre. Lesley now lives in Winnipeg, has a 10-month old daughter, and is proud to say that both are happy and healthy.

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