Writing Workshop Wednesday: Hockey Time, by John Burt

Photo by Bigstock.


Hockey Time


I remember playing hockey at a very young age. I do not remember my exact age, but I recall seeing my mother in the stands. She was smiling real big. I was waving and very happy to see her watching. I only scored one goal that game, far less than normal. I usually had a couple of goals per game. 


I remember the coach saying to me, “Pay attention to the game!", but I was more interested in watching and paying attention to my mother – showing off my skating skills, my toughness, my agility. But unfortunately not scoring. I got a rush from her every proud smile, even her glares, when I stick-handled around players and taunted them with certain moves. 


I knew the coach and all the fathers in the crowd knew my plays were risky. Luckily, though, I never lost the puck or cost my team a goal.


John is a participant in Megaphone’s community writing workshop at Onsite.


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