Writing Workshop Wednesday: Life, by Sherri Johnstone

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I was never meant to be this way

If only I could go back to that very first day!

If I could only see myself and what I would do

I’d instead be honest with myself and stay very true

The road I went down is so sad and dark

It took everything from me, every little spark

I didn’t know that my friends would die

So fast, too quickly—all I could do was cry

Down on my knees, I’d often pray:

“God, get me out, give me brighter days.”

I realized then I had to muster up self love

I had to really want it, keep praying, asking God above

I’m finally doing it, trying my best

Hoping for freedom, not settling for less.

If I could go back to that very first day,

I would say: “Sherri, I love you, please walk away.”


by Sherri Johnstone

Sherri participates in the Megaphone community writing workshop at the Rainier Hotel.

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