Writing Workshop Wednesday: Oddly Awed by Neil Benson

Peep through the poplar trees by Matt McGee (Flickr)

Oddly Awed


I grow weary watery teary eyed,

saddened, disappointed, joyless,

when good appointments come to an end,

on this planet, it is the way it is.


I did not plan it to have discourse

of startling tales of disparity,

terrible fate and ruin of earth,

this planet, the one that I cherish.


Essentially describes feelings,

feelings I have hiding here for earth,

toppled over, all overthrown about,

unable to participate, pout.


Broke 'n can not pay attention,

nor pay the intuition fee,

before setting out at the outset

to tread the good path not unkindly.


Cultural appropriate protocol:

ceremonial celebration,

hereditary tradition,

feasting house potlatch, not potluck.

by Neil Benson


Neil participates in Megaphone's creative writing workshop at the Lifeskills Centre. He will be reading his work at a special Megaphone literary event part of the Vancouver Writer's Festival on Sunday, October 27th at 10:30am. Details here: http://www.writersfest.bc.ca/2013festival/event/74-megaphone


Get on your megaphone

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