Writing Workshop Wednesday: Painting, by Michelle Muskeyn

Pallette with oil paint and brushes photo by Bigstock.  


My name is Michelle and I love to paint

Especially houses that are so quaint.

But not just houses, paper, too.

My favorite colours are green and blue.

I’ll paint anything, I love it all,

And I hang my art on every wall.

I’d like to paint the dark night sky,

Until all my paint has gone dry.

Here, there, anywhere, 

I’ll paint your portrait at the fair.

Oh yeah, and faces, too.

I will paint them at the zoo.

And if you’d like to paint with me, 

Just grab a brush and set your mind free.

Michelle participates in Megaphone's writing workshop at the Rainier Hotel. She will be reading her work, alongside other Megaphone writers, at the Vancouver Writer's Fest Sunday, October 27, 10:30am at Waterfront Theatre. Details here.

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