Writing Workshop Wednesday: Pride, by Common Cold


Man on beach image from Bigstock.


Take a ride on the negative pride

In this PC world it’s a riotous ride

If you want to succeed be a

Victim you see cry yell and whine

The world’s full of swine

Everyone but me can’t you see

Can’t you see

I’m special superior you can’t pick

On me. If you call me a name

You’ve jumped in my game

I’ll give you not but shame

Cause I’m prideful you see

All the dumb PCs back me

I’m back that’s a fact

So get off my back

I’m a victim you see

So get your back to a tree

Or maybe you should just

Go watch TV

Cause I’m prideful you see

It’s the victim in me

And I’ll get lots of backing from all

The PCs

I’m a member of a race

That’s can’t have that can’t have

No pride

My guilt ridden race gave me no

Place to hide.

6 foot white and and a male to top it all

All bigotry excepted I’m

White male 6 fucking feet tall.

The whole world against me

And that’s just allowed

I’m white six foot tall

Not allowed to be proud.



Common Cold is a participant of Megaphone's community writing workshop at the LifeSkills centre.

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