Writing Workshop Wednesday: Sandwich in da jam, by P33TZMusiK

 'Old vinyl records pile' photo by Bigstock.


Sandwich in da jam 


I guess I am what I am

So today, for practice the arranged word sandwich is for 

Def Jam


Maybe I’m past obnoxious and the expiry date

Retrying to get back into musik, my thought-relate any 

blissful happy stint


To treat myself I put on music, not jumpin’ off the shelf,

Atmosphere, dark, or Lil Big Wayne distracts me from 

this livin’ hell.


I love Eminem, D12 Proof and B-Real of Cypress Hill

I love Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, the political 

revolutions thrill,


Why not bully the self with 2 or 3 green or purple pills?

License to thrill, memories of post-backstage indo-orgie 



The work of crazytown--sharper than the swords in that 

movie Kill Bill,


As I read this rhyme I decide that “Time Wasted Is Not 

Wasted Time.”


P33TZMusiK participates in Megaphone's creative writing workshop at Lifeskills. This poem was originally published in The Root Cellar, a chapbook featuring work produced by Lifeskills writers between May and July 2013.

Get on your megaphone

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