Writing Workshop Wednesday: Sitting Here Again..., by Misty-Lee Davis

Photo by Bigstock.

Sitting here again...

Sitting here again, fiending for some weed 
What to do? This addiction I must feed

But wait a sec, I used to do nothing but crack 
and there is not an option to go back 

All I hear is that's it's harm reduction 
but what I think is another drug seduction 

So there is no option to go back to crack 
but is addiction to weed any better in fact 

I must admit it sounds good in theory 
it just doesn't feel right and makes me weary 

All the things I did then I do still
Doing what I need to do to make that bill

Thinking in my SRO of the things I must do 
Laughing to myself, Oh My God I'm a fool 

How can I lie an addiction is an addiction 
I should know this is my life and definitely not fiction

Misty-Lee Davis is a participant in Megaphone’s community writing program.

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