Writing Workshop Wednesday: Superpower, by bg

Photo by Bigstockphoto.




Oh, I was a super power

Riding the waves of creeks

By railways, we pirates secretly

Lived by pretending we were children

Of families that didn’t exist

Rafts made of found wood

Sails and masts tied to perfection

As we fought each other

For lands and treasures

We both claimed

Swords so deadly they’d break

Their mighty blades of the pirates

Scrawny, child-like

Ribs, boots soaked clothes muddied

My captain hooked, pimped off to either

Side, tomboyed girl screaming, ambushing

Until the growling stomachs forced us to

Flee to our pretend mothers, who

In dismay, laughed and fed these

Sea worn kids. Oh to know the

Random sweet wet clothes and

Boots not condemned but encouraged

Innocent imaginations still swirl

In those giant waves of childhood



bg participates in Megaphone community writing workshops at the Rainier


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