Writing Workshop Wednesday: The Downtown Eastside, by Misty-Lee Davis


Photo by Stephan Rosger.


The Downtown Eastside


When I first got down here, it was a complete and total scare.

But now I realize that, that judgement was unjust and unfair


Once I got to know some people from the streets,

They are nicer and friendlier from overcoming incredible feats.


I used to consider myself better than any of them

Until I hit a rock bottom, somewhere that I've never been


That's when I realized down here I'm accepted no matter what

People will house and feed you, without expecting a cut.


I know there is a lot of heartache and pain

But how I deal with that was once part of my game.


Holding onto what little hope, I feel, I have left

I was taught to hold my head high, and give it my best


Now I've been staying completely clean of all hard drugs and hate

Now I have a good life and can easily fulfill my fate.


I couldn't do this out of the Downtown Eastside

Believe me location wasn't the issue, moving doesn't help, I've tried.


I really do believe I was brought down here for a reason

Because I got out, my addiction is at the end of its season


I now need need to help those who want the help to quit

In this big scary world, I now know where I fit


The Downtown Eastside is my home I don't wanna move

I know where I'm happy, I've got the Eastside groove.



Misty-Lee Davis participates in Megaphone's community writing workshop.

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