Writing Workshop Wednesday: Untitled, by Tristan Tempest

Photo by Bigstock.


My life is isolation

I couldn't find no consolation

Knowing what has brought me here

                                    without you


All the taken, less the given

This life I’m makin’ no forgivin’

There’s no one here to blame but me                               

                                    it’s true


Say you don’t like what I am sayin’

You won’t play the games I’m playin’

But every chance you get you

                                    cut me down


With all your whinin’ and fussin’

Still you sit there and do nothin’

Clearly describing water while

                                    I drown


You don’t seem to care one bit

You obviously “Don’t give a shit”

About your fellow man who could really

                                    use a hand


All you do is hum and haw

Point out the apparent flow

A man without no land can’t

                                    make a stand


It seems that anger and aggression

Has become the world’s obsession

Can’t help a fellow man find his

                                    way home


You won’t be blind if you are kind

Help someone find peace of mind

Not leaving any one behind

                                    and all alone


And if from the very start

You will open up your heart

No matter where you are you

                                    will be home.



Tristan participates in Megaphone’s creative writing workshop at Onsite.

This spring Megaphone needs to raise $12,000 to keep the voices of the Downtown Eastside strong. Please show your support for our writing workshop programs by making a donation (through Hope in Shadows) here!

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