Writing Workshop Wednesday: Vancouver Belongs To, by Peter Bracking

Photo by Gord McKenna.

Vancouver belongs to


Vancouver belongs to:




The ever enveloping and always eroding arms of the sea

The gutter gushing, street shine blinding, neck soaking: rain

The raucous black caws, iridescent fluttering coos, sunset sleeper cries and Silent circles, high, hungry




The discerning collectors of fine and distinguished cigarette butts abandoned

Grey, grey skies

Those who are and aren't, the free fall fuckups, the cautiously curious, the blatant Bullshitters, the grasping government, the plot thickening poets, the fondlers of Finance, the sucking slum lords, the overwhelmingly overweight, the laughing Lovers, the floundering fashionistas, the irredeemable rich, the plain old poor, Folks, just like us


Peter is a participant in Megaphone’s community writing workshop at the Gathering Place. 


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