Writing Workshop Wednesday: Why is nature important to our current society? by Philomena Fitzpatrick

Photo by bleimrs2


the beast we fear
to the pet of a dear
there to show
how nature does grow and does know

the stretch of a lion
the ringing of a bell
can remind fetch water
from the well

the fleeting coyote
cast his wondrous spell
don’t harbour dark secrets
and careful where you dwell

when you look out your window
and cry like the child
the calm is our comfort
we learned fro the wild

the might sky above us
the eagle sets high
no need to wonder
justify or ask Why Glide Why!


Philomena Fitzpatrick participates in Megaphone's creative writing workshop at Lifeskills. This poem was originally published in The Root Cellar, a chapbook featuring work produced by Lifeskills writers between May and July 2013.



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