Writing Workshop Wednesday: Wishing Well by Neil Benson

                                          Photo by marsmettn tallahassee (Flickr) 



Financial aid is an act of

good will by reason of sudden change

in the Earth, a deluge or earthquake

in a populated area.


A form of a forced, good will

gives now then invoice amount later,

in proportion to goods and services

provided throughout the cataclysm.


Services include sweat equity

a tangible product of social

capital, freely contributed

as a voluntary charity.


Sweat equity: sharing unselfishly

giving to aid the well-being, and

the common good of individuals 

to give thoughtfully of themselves.


Ulterior motive to the gift:

payback or be dispossessed of lands;

disowned by society, forced to

live life on the edge, marginalized.

Neil Benson participates in Megaphone's creative writing workshop at the Lifeskills Centre.



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