Writing Workshop Wednesday: You are a Martyr, by Ghia Aweida

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You are a Martyr

You were once brought up

To follow two different paths –

Or shall we say you had

Three paths on which you are to follow!

You followed one path in school

And you followed two others at home!


Your mother was your leader

On the path you learned well!

Your father walked you on another,

One on which he raised you early!

While in school you were taught

To follow the path you do not walk at home!


You question deeply in your mind,

Which path you are about to take

As you stand at the tip of the fork road

Pondering hard which road to follow!

You set your feet to one and return

Only to walk the path of your destiny!


You stand there sorting out your life

And your destiny awaits you!

You hear it calling you by name

As you run in its arm’s embrace!

You leave the others lingering behind,

For the path you took is your true destiny!


You are strongly determined

And no one can pry you away

No matter how hard they try

To break your spirit apart,

You remain standing strong

And no one can ever mould you!


You received the many tortures

Even the worst ones of all times –

And still, your destiny upholds you!

You are never willing to back down

From your pride and your faith

No matter what stands in your way!


You would rather die faithful

As you hold onto your pride!

You are determined still

To reach your destiny

And you remain on your path

And no one can ever break you!


You still walk on your path,

For this destiny remains

Your journey even in the afterlife!

You know you found favour

Among the faithful and the angels

For you truly are a saint and a martyr!


Ghia is part of the Intrepid Pens writing group.


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